27 Nov 2016

The Aryan Nations (Divine Truth Ministries), the Ku Klux Klan, and other “Christian”, or non-Christian “hate” groups are all branches of a big white poisonous tree. You could eliminate these groups tomorrow and white supremacy would still exist. These groups are just local, overt expressions of the global system and they’re allowed to operate by the system of white supremacy as a scapegoat.

27 Nov 2016

By Barbara Kingsolver

If you’re among the majority of American voters who just voted against the party soon to control all three branches of our government, you’ve probably had a run of bad days. You felt this loss like a death in the family and coped with it as such: grieved with friends, comforted scared kids, got out the bottle of whisky, binge-watched Netflix. But we can’t hole up for four years waiting for something that’s gone. We just woke up in another country.

22 Nov 2016

Racism as a tactic is nothing new to the modern Republican Party, dating back to Richard Nixon's Southern strategy, which appealed to white voters embittered by the civil rights movement. Yet mainstream conservatism mostly kept bigotry in the shadows until 2009, when the inauguration of the nation's first black president prompted the tea partiers to paint Obama as un-American. But it was Trump who opened the floodgates and rode the ugly tide all the way to the White House.

21 Nov 2016

President-elect Donald Trump’s divisive campaign in which he criticized entire groups of people, including women, people of color and immigrants, has inspired hate crimes and acts of intimidation since his Nov. 8 victory.

The Michigan Department of Civil Rights said the number of complaints has doubled since the election. The Southern Law Poverty Center also has reported a large spike nationwide.

Motor City Muckraker is compiling a list of reported incidents of hate in Michigan since Trump’s victory.

20 Nov 2016

Organized and passionate young people have historically pushed America toward more inclusion, Robb said. Young people sparked the Civil Rights Movement with the boycotts, marches and sit-ins in segregated cities. They are now protesting throughout the country — including in Traverse City, where last week a Traverse City police officer resigned amid uproar over his display of a Confederate flag at an anti-Trump protest.

“Hopefully these small protests that have occurred all around the country about Trump’s election will ignite a much larger movement of resistance,” Robb said.

20 Nov 2016

When it comes to immigration, it’s easy to let differences separate us. Michigan thrives when we bring the best of what has been and the best of what can be together to create a stronger, more vibrant Michigan for all. At Welcoming Michigan, we seek to build mutual respect among foreign-born and U.S.-born people who call Michigan home today. Together. It’s better.

It takes ALL of us to ensure our communities remain welcoming and inclusive. Check out these resources and ideas for action.

19 Nov 2016

In the interdependent world in which we live, however, an American civics lesson is not enough. We also have a responsibility to give expression to the global perspective that defines and emanates from the rest of the world — and also, crucially, from oases of diversity and inclusion within our own borders. Trump’s winning “America First” message (USA! USA!) hardly does the job.

19 Nov 2016

November 15, 2016 | By Jacob Wheeler

Dear Traverse City,

Our optimistic, tight-knit community is accustomed to media attention. We smile with pride when the nation and the world recognize our beautiful landscape and our great lake, our culinary pleasures and our cultural festivals. After all, we are a sought-after tourism destination and a great place to call home.


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