17 Nov 2016

As part of his shock-treatment plan for the U.S. federal government during the first 100 days of a Trump administration, the president-elect has effectively declared war on "sanctuary cities." That's the common term for American cities that have decided not to put their cops to use enforcing immigration.

Mayor Hodges isn't cowed by Trump's threat. In a statement published on Saturday, the freshman mayor says the real estate scion doesn't understand the implications of turning the Minneapolis Police Department into the Extended Border Patrol, Upper Midwest Division.

16 Nov 2016

BY CAROL THOMPSON cthompson@record-eagle.com Nov 15, 2016
TRAVERSE CITY — Traverse City Commissioners are grappling with implementing the week-old charter amendment that declares tall buildings "inconsistent" with the city's character and calls for voter approval for new tall developments.


16 Nov 2016

Creating Community

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Since December 2000, many of us experienced and benefited from the community building, candidate forums, gatherings and discussions about great issues of the day, films, and much more ... the organization "We Are Traverse City" facilitated.

Quite frankly things have been pretty peaceful in our community overall, until this election cycle, when campaign rhetoric has unleashed white nationalism posing a threat to the peaceful enjoyment of our community by all.


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